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moyens techniques

Atypic Prod. has a well-developed and complete range of high-end equipment, which allows the agency to be totally autonomous on its production line and to be operational without delay.

Arri Alexa Mini digital cinema camera, several sets of PL lenses, more than 40 daylight lighting sources (HMI - Kinoflo...), a full range of grip equipment (6 meters camcrane with remote head, 6 meters track and dolly, 2m30 motorized slider...) and a complete grip truck.

Atypic Prod is also equipped with a high performance post-production studio : Avid Media Composer 4k real-time station, a 65-inch screen for validations + DaVinci Resolve Studio calibration station.



Arri Alexa Mini

Alexa Mini 4:3 License Key
Alexa Mini ARRIRAW License Key
Alexa Mini Arri Look Library License Key
Monture PL Titane avec LBUS
Alexa Mini Viewfinder MVF-1
Arri WIFI flexible Antenna


Cage & Rods
2 Mini adapter Plate MAP-1
2 Mini adapter Baseplate MAP-2
Camera Top Handle CCH-2
2 Mini Side Bracket MSB-1
Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1
Arri shoulder Pad CSP-1
Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-4
2 Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
1 dovetail bridge 19mm+15mm

Battery Adapter Plate BAP-1
Bebob Cine VMM-ALM

Media & DATA
3 Memory Cards 256GB Extreme Pro CFast 2.0
Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Reader



2 Bebob VMF-VMicro2 Quick Charger

2 V-lock Charger (2 channel)

9 V-Lock 153WH Batteries

3 Bebob V150 Micro Batteries


Camera Controllers

Mattebox ARRI - 4 filter frames

Follow-Focus double-sided Arri

Follow-Focus HF Dji

Vaxis Storm 300 HF Wireless Transmitter




Tripod & Supports

Cartoni Magnum head

Tripod legs with 150mm bowl

Hi-Hat with 150mm bowl



ZEISS Planar PL - set of 5 fixed lenses : 25mm - 35mm - 50mm - 85mm -100mm

Lomo PL - set of 3 fixed lenses : 28mm - 50mm - 75mm

Zoom Lomo PL 34 -120mm



LILLIPUT 28-inch BM280s 4K Monitor - HDSDI, HDMI, VGA, DVI

SONY 17-inch PVM-1741 OLED 10bits Monitor - HDSDI, HDMI

3x PORTKEYS BM5 5" Touchscreen Monitor – HDSDI, HDMI

LILLIPUT 7-inch Monitor - HDMI


2 Bebob VMF-VMicro2 Quick Charger

2 V-lock Charger (2 channel)

9 V-Lock 153WH Batteries

3 Bebob V150 Micro Batteries

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro (3 unités)

3 cameras Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro
6144 x 3456 (6K) jusqu’à 50 i/s
1920 x 1080 (HD) jusqu’à 120 i/s

Cage & tiges :
Cage Smallrig 358 avec poignée laterale & poignée supérieure
Baseplate à double tiges 15mm
Shoulder Kit Smallrig 2894

2 Follow Focus manuels Smallrig

5 Battery Adapter V-Mount Smallrig 3016

Médias & DATA:
5 disques Samsung T5 - SSD Externe 2 To

Set focales fixes Canon EF: 28mm - 50mm - 85mm


Live streaming et Interviews

Live streaming

Mélangeur 4 cameras Blackmagic Design Atem Mini Pro ISO

Caméra Interviews

Camera DSLR Canon 5D Mark II



1 moniteur Liliput - 28" - 4K SDI - HDMI

1 moniteur Portkeys BM5 III - 5,5"

1 moniteur Portkeys BM5 II - 5,5"

1 moniteur  LH5P II - wireless control - 5,5"


More than 40 lighting sources


1 fresnel HMI 2,5 Kw
2 fresnels HMI 1,2 Kw
2 fresnels HMI 575 W

1 Dedolight HMI 200 W DLH200D + Nez optique DP2.1 avec focale 85mm

1 Dedolight HMI 200 W DLH200SDT + softbox

1 Joker Bug 400 HMI K5600 + chimera + découpe ETC JR 25°/50°


Fluo (3200 to 5600 k)
4 Kinoflo 4 tubes 120cm
1 Kinoflo 4 tubes 60cm
1 Kinoflo ring-light Kamo

2 Kinoflo 12V Single (15″ Car Kit)
2 boules chinoises daylight (3 Kw)


6 Astera Titan Led RGBWW + Astera Box

1 Kinoflo Celeb 200 LedPanel WW

3 LedPanels Varytec VP-1 Bilight 576 leds avec montage V-Lock

2 LedPanels 30x30 avec montage V-Lock

1 LedCOB Nanlite Forza 500 + Fresnel Lens

+ Softbox Parabolic 120cm + Fabric Grid

2 MiniLedPanels Aputure ALMC RGBWW

6 boules chinoises (1 Kw)
4 fresnels Castor (2 Kw)
4 fresnels Polaris (1 Kw)
1 blonde (2 Kw)
4 mandarines (800 w)

4 fresnels (500W)


EZFX 6 meter crane

Kessler Revolution Head 2D motorized head with digital control

Heavy traveling: 6m of straight rails, 2 curves + dolly platform

Slider 2m30 Kessler Shuttle Pod with motorized head (motion control)


1 recorder Zoom F6 6 pistes

1 recorder Tascam DR-60DMKII

3 micros lavalier Rode

Émetteurs/récepteurs HF Rode Link

Émetteurs/récepteurs Sony WRT

3 micros SM58

Micro directionnel Sennheiser ME66

Poignée micro K6

Bonnette et suspension Rycote

Perche Rode 5 sections (83cm à 3,3m)


Peugeot Boxer 12m3 truck with shelves

3.5 KW generator

Various grip (magic arms, clamps, ball joints, cyclones, offset arms ...)

20 tripods

Eurolite NH-110 Hazer 1100W fog machine

Smoke machine

Complete machino cube set

Sand counterweight

Extension cables and electrical distribution

Softbox and snapgrids

Corrective gels + effects

Aluminum frames

Flags ...